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28 Aug

5 signs your friend secretly envies you and is trying so hard to be you

People who are envious constantly compare themselves to you, and their jealousy results from their underlying fears and lack of confidence. If you suspect someone is envious of you, watch out for these warning signals.

In truth, when a friend or loved one succeeds, many individuals suffer from jealousy to some degree. However, these emotions often disappear quickly. Even if someone still harbours a persistent longing for what their buddy has, they are frequently overcome by their support or delight for their friend.


But occasionally, these emotions don't go away, and you can start to see alterations in your friend's behaviour. The following signs may indicate a buddy who is experiencing envy issues.

They belittle you


They attempt to belittle and downplay your achievements whenever they get the chance. They have no issues with demeaning you or failing to give you the proper recognition you deserve. Simply put, they are too insecure and envious to acknowledge and congratulate your accomplishments.

They mock behind your back.


Not only are your jealous buddies showing you these indications, but they are also letting everyone else in your vicinity know about your dirty laundry. Jealous buddies insult you behind your back, so everyone can see how much better they are.


They crack offensive jokes. 



Even when they are humorous, jokes usually have some element of truth. Some jokes, however, fail to amuse anyone at all. Instead, they are humiliating and offensive. These jokes are allegedly intended to make you feel bad; it isn't because your friend is a terrible comedian.

They imitate you


When someone is envious of you, they frequently believe you possess something they lack. They strive to mimic you because they want to be like you and are envious of your success. Therefore, it is likely that someone who regularly imitates and duplicates you is envious of you.


As a result of the other person's lack of self-identity, they imitate you while also acting enviously toward you; they imitate your actions and personality traits because they must, in some way, admire you. 


However, if a personality diagnosis is made, it may feel very awkward and cause your friendship to fall apart.


In any friendship, this is toxic.


If it's flattery or inspiration, that's quite different.


Selfish people and narcissists engage in this behaviour to feel important, to one-up others, and to poke fun at other people.

For instance: your car is old, mine is a newer model, and we both drive the same vehicle, a useless piece of junk. Seeing this is not comforting.


They do it with items like clothing and furnishings. It may seem at the time that someone is complimenting your sense of style and that there is a natural mirroring process when you are in a relationship, but that's not what's happening.

They constantly compare and compete with you.


Simply put, they lack personality. If they see other people, they also give themselves away since they transform into whomever they hang out with.


They desire what you possess. Your attractiveness, talent, wealth, position, reputation, etc. They either lack the necessary skills or motivation to work hard for it, or they lack the endeavour.


They'll thus BLAME you. You alone are to blame. You need to make use of your abilities or gifts. Even if they are unwilling to make any effort to obtain things on their own, refrain from succumbing to the trap! It's a ploy—for guess who? If they don't have the stuff, they will try to influence other people to have a wrong opinion of you. or if they lack your skills or abilities.


They'll want to ruin you because they're envious of you. Some may manipulate you into acting out so they can seem to be the victims and place the blame on you. They want others to despise you because they cannot be like you.

Be cautious if you associate with someone like this. If you don't need them in your life, get rid of them.